Monday, August 20, 2007

My little pixie:

She is four months now, and sporting the first sweater I ever knit for her:

It looks even better than I had imagined. She has a sort of Scandinavian-Christmas-elf thing happening here. Such a cutie.

In wedding garter news I dropped a stitch the other night after three pattern repeats (1 week's worth of after-baby-bedtime knitting), and couldn't redeem myself, so I ripped it. Then I threw the ball of cotton across the room. Then I sat here, and considered what it would take for me to cast on for this pattern again (fourth time). I decided it would take more motivation than I had. I just wasn't enjoying this stitch pattern as a process, and I didn't think my version was going to be pretty enough to be satisfying. So I have made my own garter pattern out of feather and fan lace which is easy, mindless, requires no chart reading, and knits up a lot quicker than what I was doing. Also, it impresses the Hell out of non-knitters who think it looks really complicated. My swatch is beautiful, and I have worked out the math (I hope). Now to cast on 400+ teeny-tiny stitches -before Rayona wakes up.

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elise said...

Hi Paula, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Your daughter is the cutie-est pixie and I love the hoodie. Thanks for brightening my day.