Sunday, August 12, 2007

I've started the BSJ:

...actually, I've started it twice. After about 10 rows I realized that the original pattern gauge would get me a sweater that might fit Rayona now, but it's not that cold now, and I want her to get use out of it this winter. There is some sizing information available on KnitWiki for this, and I should have remembered to consult it earlier on. Whatever -this is how far I've gotten this time around, and it looks like it will be nice. I like the yarn color well enough, and I think with some little wooden buttons maybe it will have a nice sort of classic post-war era thing going for it. No frills, but beautiful in its simplicity, and utilitarianism. This pattern really is ingenious. I've seen some applied I-cord edging that people have added to these as an afterthought, and it looks nice. We'll see if I'm up to it by the end -I have a lot of projects going on right now.

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