Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh, setbacks...

Things have not gone the way we would like with regard to real estate, but we are remaining hopeful, and diligent. Also, I have ANOTHER severe cold. -The second in three weeks.

I feel good most of the time, but then when this starts happening again it seriously affects my quality of life. I am trying really hard to maintain my positivity, but when no one has any answers about why I have this problem it's just discouraging. -And no, it's not allergies. It's recurrent viral infection. I don't really get bacterial infections often either, which is strange. My immune system just seems to have one major flaw. In fact, it's the only health problem that I have. It just happens to be a big one. I am a proponent of the power of belief in a lot of areas of life, and I have a good outcome so far with that generally, but not with this. Maybe it's because my attitude becomes instantly crappy as soon as I feel ANOTHER cold coming on.

On a lighter note, I was thinking really hard this week about a jar of lilacs for my table, and had even brought out a pretty table cloth to use as well. I hadn't had the opportunity to go beg my neighbors for any, but then my mother showed up this morning with a big bunch to make me feel better. It worked very well. My mother has an uncanny ability to read my mind -happens all the time. I seem to send her messages -particularly about objects -and she will then proceed to produce the exact thing that was on my mind. It's weird.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Things are moving along:

We have a lead on a possible tenant for the house, and have been told that if we provide leases for both dwellings on the property we should have no problem getting the loan that we need.

Here is a gratuitous photo of Ray, so you have something to look at:

Her Daddy got her that dress on a "free day" at one of the thrift shops in town last year along with two others. I not only thought that was the sweetest thing, but he has good taste as well.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's getting harder to photograph this thing:

25 weeks, and all is well. I am beginning to slow down a bit physically, and therefore my income generating abilities are not so good.

This last week my body sent me some very definite messages about taking things a little easier that I am unable to ignore. I will be doing less house keeping, and less daycare for others. This, of course, presents a financial situation that we knew was coming sooner or later. The solution we have come up with is to rent our entire property, and try to come up with a loan for a very small fixer-upper in town that will give us a really nice (small) mortgage payment. Now the challenge is to get a renter quickly and convince the bank that this whole property is income, and not debt. We think this will be ok.

We feel good about some decisions that were made this week, and Ray and Daddy celebrated with dancing and apparently a beer.

Yay. This is what they were listening to: