Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saturday, February 9, 2008


I knitted a pair of socks. This is not the only thing I have worked on lately, but the only thing I could be bothered to photograph:

Lots of stuff has changed since my last post. For example, I have quit my job which was making me very unhappy in favor of parenting my daughter full time and starting a natural cleaning business:

Money sucks so far, but I expected that, and business is beginning to pick up, so it's only temporary. I love the work, and I love being with my girl, so I'm willing to make some lifestyle trade-offs. I feel much better than when I was working for someone else. Losing my mother-in-law so suddenly made me certain that there was zero point in wasting my time with a job that wasn't working for me. This was a scary departure, but so far very worth it.

Here is a Rayona Update:

We have 6 teeth, crawling, standing, waving "Bye-Bye", and saying "Ma-ma", and "Ca" when she sees the cat. She will hug and kiss us and her baby doll when asked to as well. So cute. She is still a bit undersized, but mighty all the same.