Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Things are moving along:

We have a lead on a possible tenant for the house, and have been told that if we provide leases for both dwellings on the property we should have no problem getting the loan that we need.

Here is a gratuitous photo of Ray, so you have something to look at:

Her Daddy got her that dress on a "free day" at one of the thrift shops in town last year along with two others. I not only thought that was the sweetest thing, but he has good taste as well.


Angela said...

I love that dress too! and the pigtails.....what a big girl! Great news on the house progress....any specific house in mind for your fixer upper??

Diane said...

Fingers firmly crossed for you!

Paula said...

Thanks, guys!

Angela -yes, we had a house in mind, but someone else got it this week -AGAIN!!!!