Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Elf-ears is feeling better...

...I, on the other hand still feel like shit. However, I've convinced my husband that we should go to Rhinebeck this fall (sheep and wool festival), and that makes me really happy. It'll be my first time, and I'm excited. I don't think he'll be bored with all the neat-o animals, and good food and wine, etc. There will be lots for Ray to look at, too -she'll be six months by then. Oh, I am soooo looking forward to that. I love autumn, or at least I used to before I moved to the land of eternal winter. Now it fills me with impending dread. We basically have nine months of winter here with temperatures as low as -40. -But it will be nice to go to the festival in October where it is down out of the mountains, and "four hours warmer".
Anyway, I'm waiting for two things in the mail this week hopefully: some yarn to start my Baby Surprise Jacket, and a Mei Tai that I ordered a few weeks ago. It sounds stupid, but I can't wait to vacuum and do laundry and dishes again without waiting for the baby to go to sleep. Slings are great for strolling around, and quick errands, but I can't get any real work done with one. You don't really have both hands free, and you can't do any chores that require leaning over. So I think it will be good to actually be able to TIE her to me. She's also begun to object to the sling's confinement of her legs. She sometimes lets us know how she feels by stiffening her whole body, arching backward, and refusing to let us fold her into the thing. It's kinda funny, actually. So the point is: I like getting things in the mail.

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