Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why we live here:

In keeping with the whole "spending-more-time-together-as-a-family" thing we took a trip to Keene again -this time for a hike:

Those tiny blue and red dots are my family.

It was splendid -one of those really chilly Autumn days where the air is sharp and wet. It was misty out, but the sun did break through a few times. Days like this make me realize how much I have been missing my husband. I can't remember if I have mentioned it before, but he works rather far from here, and has to leave early, and come home late. This is one of the problems with our region -the lack of very much work close by. It depends, of course, on what you do for a living. For the past few years he has been doing layouts for a newspaper publisher. He is also finishing up his apprenticeship to become a tattoo artist -which is what he really would rather do. This commits him to a few days a week in addition to his full-time schedule. So time is a problem for us. I like our Sundays very much.

Anyway, please head over to Flickr for the rest of the photos -there are some nice ones. (I am still waiting for my speedlight, though.)


EatPlayLove said...

there truly is no place like the ADKs in the fall. People just adore the golden aspens, but me I love the fall in upstate NY.

Paula said...

Yes, we have a lot of orange and red this year. I will try to get time to take more shots. Did you see the ones on Flickr?