Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Well...it's something at least:

Some meager offerings from my plants, and a nice cake I made in my skillet (apple upside-down). I hate on-board flash. What a brat I am that this bothers me so much. I guess I like taking photos more than I thought.


EatPlayLove said...

My plants have been slow to produce, we've gotten two zucchini and two cukes so far. Yawn. And rumor had it I would be up to my ears in veges!

jill said...

oooh. i love the idea of baking a cake in a cast iron pan. how do you do it? just like in a regular cake pan? this is exciting. and looks super yummy.

Paula said...

Yeah, just like a regular pan, only I've never had anything pop right out without sticking before. This was great. I'm looking for a smaller one so I don't have to make a batch and a half of everything. This is a 12" skillet, and I'd like to have a 9 or 10". I also like the fact that it will add iron to our diets. We don't have too many sources for that.

-and yeah, I'm about up to my little toe in the bounty of our "harvest".