Monday, August 25, 2008

All of these:

They're all blooming at once for the first time ever, and I've had most of them for several years:

There's another one I'll get to when it's all the way open. I think it's the one my mother-in-law gave me when Rayona was born. I also have the one that was hers -it bloomed right around her birthday. So sad. I miss her.
I have received my new 10.5" skillet in the mail today. I cleaned and re-seasoned it right away, and then baked a half-whole wheat-cherry-upside-down cake in it. Which is perfect. It has ground walnuts in it which make it super rich. That and the entire stick of butter that went in, but that's neither here nor there. I'd show you a picture, but my crappy on-board flash doesn't do it justice. The point is that this pan is the right size for regular cake baking. I love cooking things in a skillet. My Dad passed along to me a 7" one that belonged to his mother last night. It's just the right size to fry an egg, or maybe bake one of those tiny-dense-almond-flourless-type cakes. Maybe you know the ones -they're french, I think.


jill said...

mmm. i want the recipe for the cherry cake!

Paula said...

Well, if you start with any recipe for pineapple upside down cake (I started with the Fannie Farmer version), and replace the pineapples with fresh cherries, and replace half the flour with whole wheat, and then add about 3/4 cup of ground walnuts to the batter -that's about it. It can be done in a glass cake dish instead of a skillet as well.

EatPlayLove said...

Those blooms are gorgeous. A dear friend gave me an orchid for my birthday last year and my first thought was oh no. I just don't have a way with orchids. Maybe I should mail you the green never going to bloom in my house plant.

Paula said...

As long as the leaves look ok it should probably bloom again. Some of these hadn't bloomed in 3 years, so don't give up yet!