Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Speedlight quit.

Right in the middle of the job. The capacitor stopped charging, and the ready light would not come on, and no matter what freshly charged batteries I stuck in there it still said "batt". I looked it up, and there is a circuit that goes bad, and a new module needs to be put in. So this is pretty much exactly what I was so afraid of, and it happened. It was like a bad dream. I tried not to panic, but it was one of the single most stressful events in my recent memory. I had to finish the whole reception with my on-board flash, and the photos LOOK LIKE SHIT. I felt so bad about it I wanted to cry. At least I got the ceremony, and all of her wedding party photos. I will never do another wedding again without a backup flash. Not that I will ever be able to afford one. So it goes. I feel like a tool.

Anyway, now I have no speedlight for however long it takes Nikon to fix it and send it back. Where did I put that warranty card?


Bertha said...

Oh UGH. We're wedding DJs on the weekends (well, Matt is mostly. I used to be, but now I have a baby to take care of on weekends so I don't go with him as much anymore) and we live in mortal fear of something like this happening, like our equipment crapping out or the CD skipping during someone's first dance...(the whole CD player stopped playing during a first dance once...that sucked)...everyone asks us why we don't DJ with laptops but computers are so flaky I just live in terror of one freezing up and needing rebooting during a special song...stupid unreliable technology!

Paula said...

Yeah, this was so scary!