Sunday, August 2, 2009

I need a minute:

To complain. I know, it's silly, and unproductive, but sheeeesh! I just feel so crappy.

I have four weeks left. -Not a long time, but now I have some sort of tedonitis in my ankle/heel which is not going away despite my best efforts. I can't lie around all day with it elevated, in fact, I have A LOT of ground to cover in a day. I really need to be able to do my chores, and also get outside while the getting is good. I am so frustrated I could scream.

I also have this thing that happens -sometimes during a braxton-Hicks contraction/sometimes not -where I feel like all the breath is stolen from me and I get dizzy and faint feeling, and generally suffocated. No one seems to know what I mean when I say that, and there's nothing wrong with me really, so it just makes everything harder, and there's nothing to be done about it.

Ok, all done I guess.


Diane said...

Ohhhh, you're in the home stretch! Hang in there... are you feeling generally anxious at all? The breath and dizziness and suffocation all sound like anxiety to me. You would certainly have cause to feel a little anxiousness at this point! Slow, deep breaths, friend, see if that helps a little next time?

Paula said...

Thanks, D. No, it's not anxiety, it's more like a bit of cardio-pulminary funny business. -But yeah, the HOME STRETCH. I think I can make it.