Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Birthday And a Blessingway:

First of all: Happy 36th birthday to Josh. You are now closer to 40 than 30...he he. I love you endlessly. I'm sorry you were so tired today because of putting a henna tatto on my belly until late last night, and then having to take turns getting up to deal with Rayona's unexplainable sleeplessness.

Here is the beautiful design. I just love it.

Here it is all finished. It occurs to me that this may be the last bathroom-belly-shot. I hope.

So, second of all I had my blessingway today. It was perfect. I had just two non-family guests, and my husband , and my mother, and my daughter -who refused to wear clothes today. They are all so sweet.

This was just what I wanted. Thank you so much everyone. I love you, I love you, I love you. Now I can birth my baby as everything is in place. Please tell my baby that. Any time now would be good. Any time.


Bertha said...

What a STUNNING henna! The blessingway sounds wonderful, c'mon baby! We all want to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Paula, the henna tattoo is gorgeous! What a great idea for a pregnant belly!
It's exciting that you are so close to giving birth! You look wonderful.
Liz H

Paula said...

Thanks so much!