Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Really Nice Way to Pass the Afternoon:

My doula came over this afternoon to make me a custom pregnancy tea blend of my very own. The day was really cold and icy, but the dining room was bright and warm.

The smell of Lavender, and sunny Chamomile blossoms was like a memory of summer. Oh GOD I can't wait for summer -I'm not going to waste a second of it this year. This will be my last summer alone with my little girl. I will miss our long stroller walks all around town. We used to meander everywhere on these crumbling mountain sidewalks.

There was that potent, healthy smell in my house today of plants that were tended in the sun.

We have fresh whole wheat pumpkin cake (with raisins -of course) as well, and I think I will take a little with my pregnancy tea this evening.

I have a special little bag of Chamomile blossoms just for Rayona as well, because she loves to have some of Mommy's tea. I think I will incorporate that into her bedtime routine -she will be very excited to have her own cup.

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Pe said...

mmh, i drank a similar tea when i was pregnant, raspberry leaves, lavendar, chamomile and one other thing, oh, yes, i think it was mint! it was delicous! yours sounds even nicer, i like the sound of lemon balm! i have some in the garden, must find a tea recipe for it!