Wednesday, July 8, 2009

'Nother Dress:

I got lucky with a $2 fabric remnant yesterday:

So of course it had to become another sundress. The process went much more smoothly this time. After some research into the alternatives ($!!), it looks like I will be sticking with my old Kenmore machine for quite some time. Maybe it was this knowledge that affected my success with the thing.

Also, FINALLY she has decided that her Waldorf doll is worthy of some attention!!!

I did think she would come around eventually, but I have to admit some frustration over the amount of work that went into a doll that was all but ignored for the last six months. Now it goes lots of places with her. Yay.

In other news, I became aware a few days ago that my baby had shifted into a head-down position as I was pushing the stroller home briskly in the rain. I could feel a very familiar downward pressure as well as a general rounding out of the very bottom of my belly. My pants no longer stay up worth a darn, and the top of my baby bump is a bit lower, which also indicates a descending baby. All good things, except that my pelvis is coming apart again. I had this last time, and it was painful, but this time it feels not only like a dagger to the crotch (sorry), but is also accompanied by clicky lower-back pains. I have EIGHT weeks to go still, and I don't want to curtail my walking activities, but I have to temper time on my feet with rest as well. This is no time to burn out -there's still too much summer fun to be had.


Bertha said...

The dress is so beautiful! I can't wait to make some of these for June. So sorry about the stabbity crotch pains, there is little worse!

Paula said...

You totally should make these. The first one is a !@#$%^&, but after that it gets easier, and they kinda grow with the kid. I hate watching handmade stuff get outgrown -don't you? -And my crotch feels a little better today, thank you!