Monday, March 23, 2009

No Photo Today:

Man, it's still really cold here. Ray and I both need to get outside soon. Things are good otherwise. I continue to grow in all directions, but I feel pretty good still. In about three weeks I find out what kind of baby I'm getting this time. That's the most exciting thing, isn't it? I no longer think I'm having a boy due to the fact that my heart cannot ever settle on a name for one. That has to mean something. I have one more girl's name than I currently need, so if it is a girl, she may end up with some kooky double name thing. We'll see.


neaj said...

Or, you may have twins...muahaha hahah. xo

Paula said...

You know, we had a brief scare with the possibility of twins, but an ultrasound confirmed that there is indeed only ONE.