Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Around Here:

My new best friend:

This just arrived at the Dorsey Street Exchange yesterday, and the owner was kind enough to offer to let me take it home to see if it was a good fit. It is. I love my Mini Ultra, but this has a few more functions, and operates more smoothly. It feels right, and has none of the plasticky (sp?) vibration of the other. I can control my speed more easily as well, because it has a nice metal pedal. So I'm sold -it's a little more than I should spend right now (which = nothing), but after working on my current blouse project for a few hours on this machine I can't go back. It tracks straighter, and the stitches are neater, too.

Around the yard - here is the garden bed that was supposed to have squashes, which now has only moles:

Here are the garden beds which have sunflowers, kale, collards, and lettuces -some of which are growing:
Here are Nasturtiums and Moonflower which I have just planted: (the Moonflower is planted below on the ground, and will hopefully climb up that tree-trellis I have attached to the corner of the deck).

Here is a pretty shot of the fence which hopefully will train my new wisteria that I planted today:

Here is why I like Nasturtiums:

Baby's up -gotta go!


EatPlayLove said...

ooh the Daks... I miss them, the forest, the deciduous trees.. we just have a much different type of beautiful here in colorado.

great shots.

Paula said...

I want to visit your kind of beautiful some day. I've sort of missed the big gaudy springtime color explosion of New Jersey too, since I've been up here. Not the heat, though.