Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Birthday Baby:

We had a lovely party. The weather was gorgeous, most of our friends were able to make it, and we had a house full of relatives as well. -And of course a birthday dress:

...and a pregnant best friend (mine AND hers are the same person):

...and a dolly wagon from aunts and uncles and cousins:

...and a teeny-tiny bike from Daddy:

...and blocks and a drum from Mommy: (she thought the block box made for an excellent way to get up on to the coffee table).

(I love that she's old enough to just join a group of kids with no prompting:)

...and then there were the pink and white cupcakes from Aunt Francesca and cousin Vincent:

It was all very nice, and I felt so proud. Then yesterday was her actual birthday, and everyone had gone home, the house was quiet, it was raining and chilly, and we came down with a cold. Then our ancient, bitchy dog bit her on the cheek which really wasn't fair because: A) she was just lightly patting her and trying to be sweet. -and B) you shouldn't get bitten by the dog on your birthday. -and C) it really hurt her feelings. But it wasn't too bad, and she harbors no grudges apparently.
I had time alone to reflect all day, and I just couldn't stop beaming at my girl. She is such a miracle to me. One minute all she can do is squirm and squeak, and the next she's throwing pieces of kitty-cat puzzle into my bath water, along with my flip-flops, because she actually has a real sense of humor now. -Or she's shaking her head from side to side while screaming: "Nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh!!!!!", because she's a person capable of telling me "No". -Or she understands that Daddy is in the cell phone, so she yells "DA-DA!!!" whenever she sees one.
In some ways it seems like a million years since I was pregnant and gave birth to Rayona, because we've been through so much since then. In other ways it went by pretty quickly. I really enjoy this age. One is great.


Bertha said...

One IS great, isn't it?? They are so much fun right now. Rayona is beautiful, happy birthday little lady (I love that doll carriage!)

Paula said...

Oh thank you Bertha! YAY ONE!!

jill said...

how great! happy birthday to miss Rayona! I love the little radio flyer bike. classic!