Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Looking Ahead:

Well, it looks like not only are we over ear infections and stomach flu (mostly), but today it was nearly sixty degrees. The eaves are dripping, the snowbanks are shrinking, and the sidwalks are clearing. The effect on everyone is magical. Around here you begin to see bare arms immediately. That first day of driving with the window open and no jacket is always so awesome. -Popped the baby right in her carseat, no snowsuit or nothin! YEAH!!

Ok, I'm feeling a bit better than I was, and went to work a little today. Got out of bed early and cleaned one of my smaller jobs. Then crashed big-time, but it's an improvement over the rest of the week when I could barely dress myself.

I even managed to go to the hardware store to get the new plug that my ancient toaster had been wanting for far too (dangerously) long.

-Fixed it myself even:

These happened to fall into my basket as well:

My tenant/best friend and I spent a few lovely moments sitting in the car after work daydreaming about where they should go. I have also bought a Wisteria plant to consume a rotten fence that runs the length of the driveway. I am really excited about the idea of that. I hope it works. this variety is supposed to be hardy to zone 3, even - so we should be ok.
Totally unrelated, I had a nice find at my in-laws' house over Easter when I came across this key rack. I had been wanting one to solve my necklace issues, and it wasn't being used for anything, so that was a happy coincidence for me:
Last of all I have been slowly working on a little project for Rayona. I bought this amazing little dres with which I am completely in love on eBay for $6.00. It was from an esate sale and dates to the 1930's. I have been looking for a simple vintage pattern to use for summer dresses for her for a long time, but haven't come up with exactly "the one". Then I found this and it really spoke to me. I have been studying its construction, and it's so simple that I think I can work out the pattern for myself in a tiny size for now, and then others later. We'll see. I want to make one out of this pretty calico fabric remnant I bought at JoAnn when we were in NJ last time. I hope to have it finished for her birthday party. Today I measured her (little by little as she would allow). Next I have to draw and cut the pattern on ironed grocery bag paper which is what I like to use (and all that I have right now). Wish me luck -A seamstress I am not, but I'm getting much better with my machine.

-Anyone know anything about controlling the spacing of text/photos in blogger? This looks SO crappy...


Chasing Rock Stars and God said...

Hi, the stuff you create is quite lovely, and I have a friend at eatplaylove.blogger.com who used to live in Saranac Lake who would love to share blog happiness with you. We both live in the Boulder,CO area. You baby is quite precious as well. Warm wishes, Keri

Paula said...

Hi Keri,
Thank you so much for your kind words! I have bookmarked your friend's blog and will pop in to say hello.