Sunday, April 20, 2008

Check it OUT!!!:

We have walking!!

Also another thrift store dolly makeover:

I really should have taken a before photo of this one. She had enormous arms and shoulders, and a "Holly Hobbie"/prairie girl outfit. I fixed the arms somewhat, altered the dress, and made her some blue jeans. Yay $2.oo. Ray likes her.


Bertha said...

Hooray for walking! I also love that dolly! Such a cute outfit!

Paula said...

Thank you Bertha! I can always count on you for some great baby milestone enthusiasm!!

jill said...

i love the video of rayona walking! how great. and the laughing. spring is springing and babies are celebrating!

Paula said...

Totally. She's just a week shy of her birthday, and it's spring, and the weather's been beautiful. Now that she can walk a little we've been going to the park. It's awesome.