Saturday, October 23, 2010


After a morning that started at 5:30 and looked like this times 10:

Zev 14mo

(because my son is going through a super-needy-lots-of-screaming phase) I was feeling pretty bad. My children are really relentless right now. Both of them want me all the time, and I'm not getting any peace most days. I mean really not a single break until they go to bed, so I'm making sure that happens very early. I am only 23 weeks along, but I feel HUGE, and this time I have horrible back pain, so my ability to deal is somewhat limited.

So while the boy is napping I try to make sure that Ray gets some special constructive mama-time. We made bread. We spoke in very quiet voices the whole time to try and "reset" the volume that was going on in the house. It was really nice, and I felt like peace was somewhat restored.

Ray 3yrs 5mo

Then after Zev woke up we went to the library where I got to knit about 2 rounds on my latest project in between getting up to keep the baby out of trouble. He is very different than my daughter was in that he not only requires constant supervision, but also constant intervention. He is SO active, and a terrible climber. There is a catastrophe about every 15 seconds if you're not right on him all the time.

By the way my latest project is this:

Yellow Garter Yoke Cardigan

Same as the last one, but in the "Chickie Masla" colorway (Peace Fleece). It is getting its sleeves right now. I am outgrowing these sweaters more quickly than I can knit them, so getting the fit right is a guessing game. -But on and on I knit, because I have to. It's all I've got. At the festival I saw a bumper sticker that said: "I knit, so no one has to die." Perhaps a bit harsh, but there's something to that. I am also trying to find time in the evenings for a rather ambitious Christmas project for Rayona -as usual, so pe-natal yoga time is pretty much out the window for now. I really need to be doing it, but there's only so much energy to go around, and most nights I'm too tired, and spent to even think about it. I realize the aparent stupidity in avoiding the one thing which could possibly help me physically, but I'm just soooooo tired, and Christmas presents are a big deal when you're three and a half. Especially ones made by your mom. She knows I'm up to something, so it had better be good.

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