Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another Autumn Post:

Yay Fall is here! My favorite, and in my opinion this almost the best place to be for it. The Hudson Valley is a little better, but the Adirondacks will do. This year the warm weather drastically shortened our leaf season. It was cold today, though.

Oct. 2010

I am very sad that farmer's market season is coming to a close, and I feel that I should have bothered to buy more bushels of things to put up. Now I will have to go back to supermarket shopping very soon. Yuck, but I was busy with not feeling so great up until recently, and my sense of planning went out the window.

Oct. 2010

Next year maybe my garden will have better luck as well.

Well, I've found out that I'm having another little boy. I was pretty surprised, because I was so sure it was a girl this time. So this is really exciting, and I'm struggling with names again, and trying to decide what color to paint their room. The room where my son currently sleeps is pretty empty and plain, so some boyish decoration is in order. I love that we're going to have a room for "the boys". That's so fun. Ray is happy, although she had requested a sister. When I told her she just said: "Oh! There will be two Baby Zevs!". I said: "Sort-of".


mother of squirrel said...

i only have girls-but boys are so exciting

Paula said...

They are, it's true. ALL THE TIME. -So two boys 18 months apart is so VERY exciting (and a little scary sometimes!)