Friday, October 30, 2009

Thank you!

To everyone who bought baby knits on Etsy this week -my shop is empty!

Ugh -It KILLS me to part with that sweater. There's just something about that one, but it was knitted for the shop, and I get too tempted to keep everything for Zev now that I have a tiny baby again. Maybe it's just the perfectly matching buttons. I will be adding some more stuff ASAP.

I have been slacking off in terms of inventory lately, because I am working on some Christmas projects. We have decided that this is the year that Ray should get her Waldorf kitchen, and I have been knitting some Accessories for that, as well as a little toy for baby Zev. More photos to follow in a day or so.


Laura said...

YAY!!!! Congrats on the empty shop~ what a great feeling! I wish some day to know that feeling for ours~

Paula said...

Well, in all honesty I only had four items in there right now, but still a good feeling! Good luck to you.

Angela said...

Paula, Zev is absolutely adorably precious. What a sweetie pie, I need to hold him very soon! He looks like hes getting very fair too, like Rayona. I was recently digging thru my button bag - I bet I have some more you can use! Your knitting is gorgeous. Your customers are very lucky indeed.