Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This person is really no longer a baby. She is almost TWO.

Her first year seemed very long, and then this second one has slipped by. I feel like we just had her first birthday party a few months ago, but no. She is such a little girl now. I really like it. Babies are great and all, and I miss my baby, but this is where it's at. This child can count a little bit, and sing the first three letters of the alphabet, and several other song beginnings. She identifies the letters 'A' and 'B' everywhere she sees them. She speaks in complete sentances most of the time now, and makes observations to me all thoughout the day. She is good company, and I like her. When I think back to the time before Rayona it seems like a million years ago. It's like she was always here.

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jill said...

that is so sweet. she does almost look like a grownup with her ponytail and turteneck. Aww, rayona don't grow up before i get to meet you!