Friday, January 9, 2009

Thank you:

For all the awesome response to Rayona's doll here and on Flickr. I am working as fast as I can on the next two for Etsy. I never expected to get inquiries, but it's a very pleasant surprise. The new dolls will most likely have all knitted clothes as I stated earlier, because I don't have a sewing machine that can do overlock stitching, and I worry about durability with play clothes. I may change my mind about that if I can come up with a really simple blouse or skirt pattern that I like. We'll see. I just know that knitted stuff will stand up to almost anything. Ray likes to take her dolls' clothes off a lot.

Anyway, I got REALLY sick this week. Really sick. I'm sort of better now, but not all the way by any means. Ray had ear and sinus infections. This is the third time since Thanksgiving we've been sick, and it's enough already. Between that and travel the house is still not as clean as I'd like it to be, and I feel powerless to do much about it. Yesterday was the first time all week I could really get up at all. This has to end soon. I need to get back to normal. I want to clean and bake, and do all the things that make this place a functioning home. Everything has just sort of stopped. I also would like very much to leave my house again one of these days, and not just for a miserable, coughing, nauseous, slog through the snow drifts to take the cranky, drippy, crusty, bundled up toddler to the pediatrician, either. There.


Bertha said...

Oh man! I'm sorry you've been so sick! That sounds totally awful. I can barely handle a sick toddler when I'm 100% healthy, let alone if I was sick too! Ugh! I hope your feeling better soon!

(the dolls are shaping up to be amazing!)

jill said...

oh Paula, I feel ya. Hope you and Rays health come back full force.