Thursday, May 15, 2008

Little Woolen Prizes:

...for games at the May Faire that our local Waldorf School is having this weekend.

...lots of them.

At first I thought these came out a little funny looking, but then I gave one to Rayona to see what her reaction would be. She carried it around with her all morning, and just kept holding it up by the string and shaking it, and looking at it, and then holding it close to her chest and patting it like she does with her dolls. It was so cute, and suddenly they looked really sweet to me. I hope the other kids will like them -they are supposed to be for the fishing game.

As I was making these it occurred to me that this was sort of the first project I was doing for "Rayona's Class" (-even though she's not officially enrolled over there yet). She used to go with her babysitter and her son when I was still working, so everyone over there knows her, and we always make it for all the seasonal festivals and open house days. I really look forward to these things now that she appreciates dancing, and music, and singing so much. What fun. It just keeps getting better.

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