Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I heart my new blouse:

Thank you again Diane for the pattern info. It's Simplicity 4077 (lengthened by 1 1/2"), and I made it out of curtains I got for a dollar or something at the Dorsey Street Exchange (my favorite second hand shop). There was a large portion that had fading from the sun, but I ended up with exactly what I needed anyway.

Gratuitous second shot:

...and detail of the cutest fabric EVER:

...and today's thrift store score:

That's right, it's a pressing ham. I now have need of one because I can truthfully say that I sew garments! I can press all the curves I want, and all for the measly sum of $0.50 -You can't beat that.

...also, Rayona had a lovely time with her cousin over the weekend:


Bertha said...

Oh my god, I was about to leave a comment about how incredible that shirt is (AND the tattoo!) and then I scrolled down and saw the Rayona pics! HAAAAAAAAhahaha! I love how amused her cousin looks at her hysteria in the second picture!

Paula said...

I know. Her aunt and I were both taking pictures, and laughing our asses off. Francesca was like: "I know it's mean to laugh at this, but...". For some reason Ray didn't like her cousin very much this visit, and she would cry most of the time if he even looked at her. As for the blouse -I'm sooo happy with it. What a high to have made something for myself to wear. I'm practically tapping strangers on the shoulder to say "Hey -did ya see my blouse...I MADE it."

Diane said...

Wow, let the good times roll with the cousins, huh?! The shirt looks GREAT!!! Good for you!!! I don't think you should hesitate to point it out to strangers on the street!

EatPlayLove said...

Beautiful. you should be so proud! When I lived in Saranac Lake, a woman named Shirley ran a thrift store, behind the Saranac Hotel. She was a hoot! I can still recall the odd smell that filled the space.

Paula said...

Yeah, I never went to Shirley's store, but I heard that about it too. I believe it's closed now, but there's a new one called the Dorsey Street Exchange, and it's really good. The proprietress is awesome, and always good for some chit-chat.