Sunday, April 4, 2010

This week:

Spring appears to be here, although in this place you never can tell. Last year it snowed on May 31st.

-But look:

Zev 32wks

Spring 2010


We had Easter and Passover celebrations both.

Easter 2010

Easter 2010

We also had HOT weather. So lots of yard work and such with sundresses and bare-legged babies. Good stuff.


Neaj said...

My goodness- I haven't been on for a while but they just get cuter and cuter, don't they? Tell us more of what Ray's been up to; Zev is progressively more edible (that's a compliment, not a threat). On your end, I take it work is still well and the warm weather has much cheered your spirits?

Hey guess what? I'll be needing to order one of those tiny soaker/cap sets of yours soon, so you better get indoors and into some knitting. Cletus (the fetus) is due at the beginning of maybe we go with the three- to six-month size since the weather will be colder down here by that age. Do you have any of that dark charcoaly wool left that Zev modeled a while ago? He looked so cute...

Well, that'll be different!

Paula said...

NO WAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! CAN YOU TELL??!!!! I will stop yelling now. Congratulations! I am so happy for you. You have to send a photo, because I just cannot picture this at all. I will certainly knit you a baby set. I loved the charcoal color for Zev. He still wears the stuff all the time on our colder days. He, of course, is miniature like his siter was. WOW. How do you feel?