Monday, December 21, 2009

Around Here:

Well, we've just been doing some Christmasing:

I've been busy knitting, of course. We leave for visiting on Wednesday, and I am extra excited for the kids to have their gifts from me this year. A lot of work went into some handmade goodies.

When we return, well...I will be beginning my new Job, it looks like. That's right. It's not that bad, actually -I have been offered a job as the new aftercare teacher at our local Waldorf School. So I can have my kids with me, and it will be a good setting for both of them. Taking care of a whole group of someone else's children all afternoon, though? That will be a challenge. I've decided it would be better than being stranded at home all winter with other people's children. At least we will get out of here every day. That doesn't happen in the cold months when I do daycare from here. I will be tired, and have less time for some things. We will have a "schedule" instead of just a "rhythm" to our days, and that will be something to get used to again. It will be what I make of it. I have to have income, and I guess this is the best kind of situation.


Laura said...

Merry "Christmasing" to you all~

Paula said...

Thanks! You too -I saw the cutest photo of you with your sister today over on Flickr. Happy New Year!

Irmhild said...

love the embroidery on that apron!