Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm having a hard time:

How do you not worry about them so much?

My daughter LOVES her baby brother, but me she's not so crazy about most of the time. She's giving me Hell all day long, and rejecting my affections. Maybe I'm over-doing it in an attempt to convince myself that things are the same as before between us. They clearly are not. This will pass, I'm sure, but in the meantime I'm just so hurt.

Maybe she is too.


MHuber said...

It can be very hard when they have been your only for so long and then someone else comes that takes mommy's attention away. With Kelsey I used to try and do just stuff with her when Christian was napping after he was born to re-establish some bonding time and loving for us. This too shall pass, its just hard while its happening. Big hugs.

Paula said...

Thanks, Marielle. I figured everyone must go through this.

MHuber said...

Yes, we all go thru it. I even went thru it when I had Caeleb since the older 2 had just daddy and I on there own for so long, that was a big adjustment for them. Hang in there mama, it does get better!